Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cutting Dome Base Down To Size

When I glued the outer dome to the inner dome it fit together pretty snug, but there was slightly more room below the dome ring on one side than the other. Not a big problem, I expected something like this. That is why I waited to cut/sand the bottom of the dome to the right height. The gap between the panels and the dome is about the size of a dime's width, so I used several dimes as spacers between the dome ring and the outer dome to set the dome ring gap. Once the gap was set, I used a Sharpie to draw a line where the inner dome need to be trimmed.

It was time to cut the dome base down to size, so removed the dome ring. When I did, it split in one area and cracked in about three other areas. I guess that is what happens when your dome needs a lot of hands on work. I used Tech Bond to glue the broken part back together and seal the other cracks. I'll sand it smooth another night.

With the line drawn I used a Dremel cutting wheel to start cutting above the line so I could sand it down to the exact size I needed. Tonight was game five of the Stanley Cup. GO BLACKHAWKS!!! I recorded it so I could watch it without interruption after the kids went to bed. Hannah, my hockey player, had other plans. She insisted I come in right away and watch the game. How could I refuse? I guess I'll finish cutting another night.

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