Monday, March 21, 2011

Holoprojector Painting

I used tape to mask off the white cowling around the base of the holoprojectors and used a razor blade to make sure I had a sharp edge for the cowling to holoprojector transition. I then sprayed the holoprojectors with metallic spray paint. Once it dries, I will remove the tape, add the lenses, and install them with the rest of the dome details.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Frame Work & Nomad Panels

It was a small build night tonight, just Clay and I, and I showed up late. Clay helped me bore out the holes on the 3/4" plastic plate that holds my center leg. This plate will slide smoothly up and down four copier rods when transitioning between two and three leg modes. I also did a little sanding on R2's skirt. Clay worked on cutting out panels for Talon's Nomad from the season two espisode, The Changeling, of the original Star Trek.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dome Painting And Sanding

Sometimes I feel like my dome will never get done. This weekend I sanded and painted my some of my dome panels. Just like the original R2-D2, most of R2-NU's dome panels will be the same color (white); but there are a few panels on the back of the dome that will be red so that they match the dome color. I painted the panels with four coats of spray paint. Once dry, I wet sanded them. After painting and sanding, it became obvious that some of the panels need some touchup; so I will fill in the bad areas and repaint later.

I previously painted and wet sanded the dome front and back logic surrounds, but today I applied the final coat of paint.

While painting, I finished sanding the front and back of the rear panel. This panel needed to have rounded interior edges so I filled in with DAP Plastic Wood. I used a quarter to get the interior arc, and then I used a Dremel to sand the edges down to the size I was happy with.