Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Periscope Lift

I got to the build night tonight and realized I left my dome panels at home, so I had nothing to work on for R2-NU. Clay has always been good at helping everyone else, so I helped him with his periscope. Clay started out by cutting the periscope opening in R2's dome and seeing how the Periscope he assembled last week (and painted/installed LEDs during the week) fit.

Clay decided to use a modified drawer slide to allow the periscope to slide in and out of the dome.

Clay cut a piece of PVC pipe to raise the periscope to the correct height. Later he will cut that pipe and install a servo to rotate it.

With the work done for the night, we took some pictures of the periscope in the dark with the panel cap installed.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sanding Dome Panels

At our build night tonight I sanded dome panels that were a little too large and did not leave the right amount of gap between them and the surrounding dome. I used a marker to mark the other panels that need to have DAP Plastic Wood added to the corners to increase the panel size.

Jason worked on removing the barbs from his aluminum skins.

Clay worked to clean up/Dremel and assemble the periscope kit he bought from a club offering.