Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shoulder & Horseshoe Work

I took a long break from building and I got the bug today. I bought a couple of resin horseshoes from a club offering and realized that my shoulders needed to be trimmed in some places and built up in others. I started by sanding the back of the horseshoes and drilling out the mounting holes.

I used some spare screws I had lying around to mount the horseshoes to the legs. The newly mounted horseshoes will act as a guide for the router.

The wheel on the router bit roles along the horseshoe and cuts the wood underneath. The bit isn't long enough to cut the entire with of the leg, so the horseshoe was removed and the newly cut leg shoulder served as a guide to route out the rest of the leg.

I couldn't help but get a couple of nicks and scratches, so I'm using Bondo to fill the holes and make the legs smooth for painting.

My plan is to run the wires for the legs through the center support bar, so I drilled a hole in the center mounting bracket and ground down the sharp edges with the Dremel.