Monday, February 28, 2011

Nate's Frame

Clay uploaded the club plans to his CNC for the Mike Senna wood frame. As usual Clay lets any club member use his CNC for free; all anyone has to do is bring their own materials and a desire to help and learn. Nate brought some wood plates for his frame that needed to be evened out. As a club, we used the CNC to cut his center and top frame plates to precise measurements. Next week, the frame base plate.

Monday, February 21, 2011

First Group Build Night Of 2011

Jason, Clay, Kira, Nate, and I got together at Jason's house for the first group build night of 2011. Jason, Clay, and Nate worked on Nate's frame and Kira and I worked on my dome panels. The size of some of my dome panels needed to be increased so I added DAP Plastic Wood to the edges and let it dry for an hour. Once dry, the DAP bonds to the styrene panels and is as solid as a rock. Kira and I sanded the panels and I applied a second coat to some. I made a mistake when I cut the window out around the rear Process State Indicator (PSI) and cut the inside corners at right angles. I used the Plastic Wood to fill in the gaps.

The red washer on the top of the dome fell off after the last build night, so I glued it back on using Tech Bond.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Building Bug

After a hockey tournament in Kansas City, we came back to Omaha to find great weather. We grilled steaks and cabin fever started to set in. Time to get back to R2 Building; it looks like we will have our first group build day on Monday, February 20. We just have to decide on a location.