Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Redrawing The Dome

I made a dome template with Moose using his 300mm aluminum dome. I spent the night erasing the lines I made using the A&A dome plans found on the main R2 Builders site and drawing new lines using the new template. On the next build day, I will take my newly drawn dome over to Moose's to make sure all the lines are drawn correctly.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Leg Holes

Clay, Kitt, and I met tonight to continue our work on the outer legs.

I was a little under the weather tonight, but it didn't stop me from jumping in and drilling some outer leg holes for the shoulder hub.

It was a group effort to drill out the holes that accept the t-nuts and bolts used to connect the inner most outer leg board and the shoulder flange.

Clay added the T-Nuts to the inner most boards of the leg pieces and dry fit the ¾" board to make sure there was enough room between the nut and the center board ¾" board.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

2008 Holiday Air Affair

The Central Garrison of the 501st asked the R2 Builders to join them at the 2008 Holiday Air Affair at the Strategic Air And Space Museum in Ashland, Nebraska. It was a great day and the kids could hardly contain themselves when they saw Star Wars characters. Thank you to Denny Freeman for letting me use his pictures for my blog. If the pictures for this event look like great high quality pictures, he probably took them!

Aren't we a good looking club?

R2-CM takes a break to watch a little Star Wars in one of the many side rooms of the museum.

Clay is trying to discuss the finer points of engine maintenance with his R2.

I stopped to take some pictures with Darth Maul (aka Dash). Yes I know, I can't stop talking (or laughing) not even for pictures.

Hannah and Joshua slowed down for a little while to take some pictures.

Jon, Christina, and Christian get into the picture taking act.