Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dome Painting And Sanding

Sometimes I feel like my dome will never get done. This weekend I sanded and painted my some of my dome panels. Just like the original R2-D2, most of R2-NU's dome panels will be the same color (white); but there are a few panels on the back of the dome that will be red so that they match the dome color. I painted the panels with four coats of spray paint. Once dry, I wet sanded them. After painting and sanding, it became obvious that some of the panels need some touchup; so I will fill in the bad areas and repaint later.

I previously painted and wet sanded the dome front and back logic surrounds, but today I applied the final coat of paint.

While painting, I finished sanding the front and back of the rear panel. This panel needed to have rounded interior edges so I filled in with DAP Plastic Wood. I used a quarter to get the interior arc, and then I used a Dremel to sand the edges down to the size I was happy with.

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