Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Front Logic Display Panel

Some type of bug has been going around our house, so I was home from work today. Once I felt better I decided to spend a little time outside enjoying the sun and working on R2-NU. I didn't trust the lines I made for the front logic display, so I measured the front logic displays and redrew the lines.

Clay suggested I use my Dremel to remove the front logic display styrene. I plunged the Dremel sanding wheel into the center of the hole space and slowly worked the Dremel around inside the lines in a counterclockwise direction.

I then came back with a small saw to remove the rounded corner styrene. Once that was done I sanded all the inner edges until the front logic display surround fit in the hole.

I then repeated the process for the lower front logic display hole and test fit both front logic display surrounds.

This process worked so well I used it to cut out the P5 Picture Panel also

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