Saturday, July 11, 2009

Up On Two Legs

I worked on my motor mounts during the build day. I needed to add the U-bracket to hold the omniball. Jason helped me line up the brackets, drill the holes for the omniballs, and pop rivet everything together.

Once the modified Dan Baker motor mount/ankles were put together, another builder helped me attach them to the outer legs. Even though the temperature got hotter once the sun came out, I'm still not sure if I was being protected from the sun or being blessed.

Once the motor mount/ankles were attached, I got a little help disassembling R2-NU. I wanted to add some chocks between the feet and legs stand R2 on two legs during OSFest next week.

While I had the legs off, Jeff and Dawn wanted to see you I routed out one of the shoulder hub leg spacers to hide the leg bracket and hardware.

As I was showing off my shoulder hub, another builder decided to walk around the garage with my newly assembled legs as crutches.

I cut chocks the size of the game between the outer leg and the motor mount. I then drilled a hole in the center of the chock and held everything in place with a nut and washer.

FINALLY!!! R2-NU is up on two legs!!! Everyone was amazed at how stable R2 seemed without any kind of attachment for the center connecting pipe. R2-NU leans forward just a little. This will all be taken care of later when additional hardware is added for the 2-3-2 functionality, but he looks pretty good now!

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