Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dome Ring

I had a heck of a time finding an 18" quilting ring that matched the diameter of the inside of my dome. I gave up and bought the cheapest I could find at Hobby Lobby ($5.34 with tax). The inner wood ring will be glued to the base plate to prevent the dome from sliding off.

Because the dome was too big I had to cut it. Little by little I cut pieces from the cut edge away until the quilting ring was level and fit just below the cut line on the bottom of the dome without excessive force being used.

After the ring is cut it has a natural tendency to flatten out and become an oval. I taped the dome ring together at the cut edge, and then I taped the quilting ring inside the dome with the bottom edge sticking out. This will allow the ring to maintain its shape.

I then added a bead of Goop All Purpose Craft Glue to the bottom of the 18" quilting ring. I then placed the dome plate on the ring making sure there was an even edge all the way around the base plate.

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