Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Still More Dome Cutting

This some cutting thing takes a LONG time. Our weather has been pretty cool for July, but it was a really humid night. I took up residence outside the garage and did my dome work with the aid of a slight breeze. When the night was finished, I was able to get two more dome panels cut out.

Jason showed me how cut the excess styrene off the bottom of my dome plate. Jason and I scored the plate along the edge with an exacto knife and then used pliers to split the styrene along the score. I will need to come back later and sand the bottom edge of the plate to make it even.

Brad put his R2 Dome on R2-NU's body to see how it would look. I had to put an hammer inside R2 towards the back of the base plate to stop him from tipping over.

He haven't taken a group picture in a while, so we gathered everyone together before they went home for the night.

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