Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Catching Up On My Skirt Work

I helped a builder put the ribs on his skirt. He used a template Brad made to draw evenly spaced skirt rib locations on his skirt, and he used my new Zona file to get them to the right size. I sprayed the glue activator, while holding the skirt, and heckled other builders whenever possible.

I cut spacers/mounting blocks to glue around the top of the skirt. These will also be used to mount the skirt to the bottom of the frame. The two spacers/mounting blocks on the longer sides of the skirt will also be used in conjunction with an angled spacer to help support the angled side boards.

I glued the bottom edge of one of the angled side boards to the bottom of the skirt. I had to sit still for what seemed like an eternity waiting for the glue to setup enough. You would think that we would have created a jig for this by now. I think the crew waited around all night to take the goofiest picture of me.

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