Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Skirt Work

The rest of the building crew worked on their skirts at the last build day; and since I haven't been to a build day in three weeks, I was a little behind. I started off by cutting my skirt ring edges down to size. I drilled holes at the corners of the skirt hole to allow me to cut along the lines and take out the unneeded wood.

After drilling the holes I remember that our lines where slightly off. I used one of the previously made skirts to redraw the inside cut lines. It was a good thing I drew my inner skirt hole too small.

Cutting out the skirt hole.

The skirt a 2½" tall. Since the bottom skirt plate is a ½", I had to cut 2" strips to surround the skirt hole. I had to cut the end of the skirt strips at a 45° angle because if they were left straight the outside corner of the skirt strip would hang past the outside of the skirt boundary.

Brad and I cut long strips for the flat edge of the skirt. These strips are trapezoidal in shape with a 3" in width and a 7.826" and 9.674" lengths. Each of the long sides get opposing 18° angles on the longer edges to make a 36° total angle from the bottom of the body to the skirt plate. Sorry there were no more pictures other than the following, but I was busy working.

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