Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dome Motor Holder

At another one of the build days I missed, the group made dome motor holders. Jason helped Jeff and I make our own motor holders using his as an example. We traced the pattern onto a ¾" piece of plastic and cut them out with the band saw.

Jason cut a mounting plate for us using leftover aluminum scrap and we used his pieces to drill holes in the plastic and mounting plate. I borrowed a couple of bolts to show how the motor holder would be assembled. The longer piece will hold the motor (mounted from below) and will be able to swing back and forth. With the aid of a wheel (mounted to the top of the motor shaft which sticks through the swinging motor holder piece) and a spring (attached to the swinging motor bracket piece and the frame), pressure will be put on the edge of the Rockler Bearing by the wheel causing the Rockler Bearing (and dome) to turn at the speed determined by the motor.

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