Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Initial Skirt Assembly

The rest of the crew is farther ahead than I am with their skirt assembly. I cut the boards that surround the skirt hole to the correct height last week. Jason helped me put assemble my skirt by lining up the boards around the hole. As he held them in place I traced around the outside edge so we could line up the boards later.

With the guide lines drawn, I drilled pilot holes in the bottom skirt board. With Jeff's help, I attached one of the inner boards using drywall screws.

Using the lines and the first attached board as a guide, Jeff and I attached the remaining boards.

As you can probably guess, the screws should not be seen in the finished product; so will take them out one by one later and countersink the screws to make it easier to apply Bondo.

As I worked on my skirt, Brad and Serena were making ribs for his skirt. Serena measured the height and marked the locations of the ribs, and Brad sanded the ribs down to Serena's specifications. When Brad's skirt is finished, he plans to make either a fiberglass or resin mold to produce future skirts for the local club.

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