Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Legs Everywhere

Brad, Clay, Tam, Logan, Denny, and I met at a local builder's house to continue our work on the outer legs. Most of the work centered around making the arm pits for the legs. We started out by drawing the lines for the arm pits on the ½” and ¾” boards.

Clay used the band saw to cut the armpits out of the ¾” boards.

Brad cut the 1" pipes to connect the outer legs inside R2's body.

It was a collective effort for Clay, Logan, and Denny to route out the armpits at a 5/16" depth on the ½” boards.

Brad and I chiseled out the what is left by the router on the ½” boards.

Tam is making his own Link costume from the Legend of Zelda. He spent most of the night working on his chainmail and Logan was more than happy to assist.

All this hard work made everyone hungry, so we ordered pizza and everyone took a break for awhile and watched the new R2LA DVD.

The crew decided to put together a gluing jig for the outer legs. This will probably work very well once we get the extra hardware we need.

A very cold and tired crew after a productive night decides to pose for a picture and let me try out the timer function on my new camera (a Christmas present from Michelle, Thank You!).

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