Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dome Painting Started

I finally started painting the dome. I'm using Red Pepper(2328) Krylon Fusion spray paint (for plastic). I'm not doing the white panels yet. I would like to fit the panel pieces and possibly do a little more sanding on them after seeing them against the red dome before painting them white. When I do, I will be using Krylon Fusion Satin White(2420). I was able to get two coats on before I got complaints about the smell and had to stop for the evening.


  1. I like the 'Red Pepper'. Thats the same color I used on TD. Did you primer first? Primer made mine turn a little darker.

  2. Thanks! It’s the closest there is to Husker Red (I’m sorry, Scarlet). I didn't primer it. I'm up to five coats and it is finally starting to cover the DAP Plastic Wood filler and the Super Glue filled holes. I noticed there are a few areas I would like to fill in/sand (I couldn't tell before it was painted) before I put another coat on. The Fusion paint instructions say to add additional coasts within 24 hours or after seven days. I don’t want to chip or distort the paint, so I’m going to have to wait. After seven days, I will continue my work.