Monday, June 6, 2011

Installed Sound System

With the electronics panel installed I turned my attention to the sound system. I installed a small Plexiglas panel on the inside back of R2 next to the hinge side of the previously installed electronics panel. This panel has the speaker amplifier and the unidirectional noise isolator installed on it.

I temporarily attached the speakers to the inside front of R2-NU's body (behind where the center vents will be). Once the center vents are installed, I will have to remove the speakers and add spacers to move them away from the frame. I tacked the speaker wires to the frame next to the speakers and ran them on the outside of the up/down frame base to keep them away from any interior mechanisms that will be added later. I put baffles on the back of the speakers to redirect the sound.

I can't help but get excited about how R2-NU is coming together!

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