Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leg Work

Dash, KITT, Moose, and I got together tonight to continue the work on our R2 legs. I started out by rough cutting another set of ½" leg pieces for me so I can experiment with a 2-3-2 leg conversion. Moose and I then rough cut all of the ¾" leg pieces.

While the rest of the leg pieces were being cut out, Dash, KITT, and Moose worked on the routers and tables. Apparently we overworked the router on our last leg building work day. Dash wasn't sure we could salvage his old router, so he bought a used one off of Craig's List. After Dash took his old router appart to retrieve the bit KITT installed it in the new router and mounted it to the old router table. Dash and Moose manged to save the old router, but Moose modified his router table to work with KITT's router so more than one person could route at a time.

After the router was fixed, everybody got into the routing. We managed to get four complete and two partial ½" sets of leg pieces routed. Don't let the pictures fool you, routing in the dark is hard. KITT's forehead flashlight may look dorky but it helped out a lot.

All that routing creates a lot of sawdust!

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